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Chillchat is the place where people go to chill, chat, create and earn.

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Origin of Alien

More than anything, we want to chill with you

Hang out and trade with your friends, or go meet new people in an ever-expanding metaverse of chill seshes.

Bring your art to life.

The pixel art editor gives you all the tools to bring your art to life. After drawing then animating your own characters, you can become them, trade them with friends within Chillchat, or sell on secondary markets to give new buyers access to Chillchat.


It's almost too easy to build worlds.

Create worlds to chill with friends, and eventually fully-fledged game levels with enemy NPCs, items, bosses, and more. Tiles make it easy to replicate pixel art assets you create throughout your worlds.


Compile the next big game titles in minutes.

Ever wanted to create your own pixel art RPG game? What about your own dungeon, bar, or arcade with the ability to monetize your creations, mini-games, and more?


This is the place for yours and your friends' stories.

Jump into Chillchat any time or place with friends, on your computers or mobile app, and experience never ending adventures and stories.


Find the perfect trade.

With our advanced trading features, you can seamlessly trade with other players, trade your Chillchat NFTs in seconds and get back to exploring for the next perfect trade.



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$CHILL token$CHILL token$CHILL token

Unleash your creativity and earn

$CHILL will power the economy of Chillchat, whether it is to mint new NFTs, or when buying, selling and trading with others!


Players, Creators, and Investors will be able to passively earn $CHILL via staking. Staking is the only way to generate $CHILL other than Origin ownership.


All gameplay in Chillchat will hinge around $CHILL - players will be encouraged to purchase more $CHILL to continue creating new NFTs they can trade with others.


Vote on roadmap feature prioritization, Creator benefits, and more. $CHILL is a governance token that allows hodlers to participate in decisions on the platform.

Read our Whitepaper

Read our Whitepaper

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Learn how to start in NFTs

Learn how to start in NFTs

New to NFT? We put together a guide for you.

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Buy your first character

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